Fungal Nails , New revolutionary treatment

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Clearanail drill on toe

5th May 2016

Fungal Nails ! Horrible! unsightly !They cause embarasment. This is the same infection that causes athletes foot , tinea corporis , jock itch....

Normally skin infections are treated with topical antifungals which work quickly and effectively.

Fungal Nails are a different kettel of fish . The nail is made of kerratin and is a continuation of the skin . The skin has many layers to it , and suprise surprise ,so does the nail plate.

Fungal nail infection's can lie in the different layers of the nail plate .

Typically treatments in the past have involved a number of approaches . Medically with have an oral tablet , which you have to take for up to three months and sometimes even  longer . The tablets can have serious consequences on liver and kidney function. In the rare circumstances the oral medication can cause severe blistering to the skin . Topicals have been used with a slight degree os success , the issue is that they can not penetrate the nail plate in all the levels they can get to the top surface and some can treat the base / nail matrix area . But its the intermediary levels that they fail to get to. Lasers / light therapy was hailed as a break through , these machines are expensive , and recently the FDA the american drugs agency published a document stating that the lasers could only provide tempoary relief of fungal nail infections. Surgery is an option but drastic , and the patient may still have a chance that as the nail regrows fungal nail infection reoccurs.

Clearanail is an ingenious soloution to the problem , it addresses the issue of the layers. This procedure uses micro robotic technology, develeoped by Dr Rolf, it uses a mechanism of controlled micropenetration.

This controlled micro penetration , drills a hole no bigger than 0.4mm in diameter, it ensures it only drills the nail and not the nail bed

These micro holes , stay in the nail plate until the nail has grown out , the patient applys the antifungal medication twice daily to the nail plate.

The podiatrist's at footfix have been trained and are now using this technology to rid patients of fungal nails ,without the need for tablets that could cause serious side effects, without the need to pay thousands of pounds for laser therapy .

Phone us today and ask for details . 0121-384-3244 , speak to one of our recptionist's to make an intial consultation .

Get rid of those unsightly nails once and for all !