October News 2015

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Heel Spur diagram

5th October 2015

Dear All , this is our first blog from the clinic , we hope to do something every week .....


Plantar fasciitis , heel pain . 

At some point in your life your probably going to experience this , there is no prevelence between male or female , its painful !

As a teenager it could be down to something called calcaneal apophysitis ( aka sever's disease), this usually goes once the growth plates have fused .

But while they are still apart , P.E , Games etc.. is painful. Symptoms for young people usually comes on with physical actvity , or after physical actvity .

In Adult's , plantar fasciitis hits millions of people . The symptoms are usually first thing on rising pain in the heel , sometimes it goes after a stretch or you put your foot down .

If your unlucky there is a background underlying pain all day long , for some the pain increases as the day goes on . 

Youve been through milions of self help tips , stretching , cold can's of pop , golf balls , insoles that promise to cure . 

The simple fact is that some of these work for some of the people , but not every body . Heel pain can be multifactorial , age , weight , occupation .... 

Most people who enter Footfix , have had a variety of treatments from Gp, Physio's , other Podiatrist's .

Why come to us , well usually it's down to word of mouth .

Footfix has the ability to offer on site treatment , whether it is simple therapeutic ultrasound , manipulation and massage , cortisone injections or extra corporeal shock wave therapy

We can also provide weight bearing x-rays to rule out other boney issues. 

Yes most likely we will offer insoles as a first line . Remember the feet are the base of a much larger structure above it , and like the old saying goes "unstable base, unstable structure". 

Different treatments have different sucess rates , ultrasound is probably the least effective , cortisone injections usually have a 60 - 70 % effect but you may need more than one injection .

Extra corporeal shock wave has a 70% success rate , but is only currently applicable for people who have had heel pain for over three months . It is also uncomfortable to have the treatment for somepeople. Currently we are part of a multicentre cliniic audit collecting data of shockwave therapy.

Orthotics are not for the faint hearted , they are prescritptive devices that require , in depth functional lower limb exam , then scans or plaster of paris casts for the feet. The laboratory then make up some fancy plates to hold the feet in a position that has been calculated from the measurements.

All this adds up to what are you going to put them in !

Heel pain is treatable , you just need to have the proper assessment and diagnosis , there are other tendon injuries that can mimick plantarfasciitis , nerve entrapment may cause heel pain , bursitis..... the list can go on .