Junior medical arch supports


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Indications for use: 

  •  flexible flat foot 
  • Biomechanical instability of the paediatric foot 
  • Childrens heel pain / Severe's disease
  • Childrens forefoot pain
  • Osgood schlatter's disease /knee pain in children


The  Junior combines a thermoplastic shell with supersoft poly­urethane and an attractive brushed nylon cover. Customizable foot orthotics fit discreetly into the shoe, providing biomechanical support and comfort without interfering with the foot’s natural progression.

The junior are designed to protect the paediatric plano-valgus foot/ flexible flat foot and feature a semi-rigid shell contoured to provide natural anatomical support, alongside a cushioned lining that enhances protection of the soft tissues. 

The  Junior offers protection and stability to the rear and mid foot in one orthotic device. The detailed anatomical contouring provides significant heel cupping and support to an unstable mid tarsal joint complex that often accounts for disabling symptoms of growing foot.

We use these before going on to fully rigid functional orthtoics , it gives great support to children who have flat feet , alternatively it can also stabalise children who have cavus type foot and need extra support for lateral ankle instability.

These  are sold in pairs . 


  • Forefoot extension to prevent sore spots
  • High medial cupping to support navicular bone
  • Heel cupping for stability
  • Soft lining to protect soft tissues
  • High lateral cupping to resist forefoot abduction 



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