Gehwol Mint 75ml


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Tired Feet?

Gehwol is one of the leading Foot Care Creams and is not sold in high street stores only from Professionals.

The cream revives , stimulates and has a long lasting deodorising and refreshing effects. The cream also disinfects and contains antiseptic properties. Regular use will give you odourless feet, protection against fungi and also smoothes and softens your feet.

This Foot Health Industry Cream Is Not Available In The High Street. Highly Recommended And Used By Chiropodists And Podiatrists Worldwide This Really Is The Best Cream You Can Use For Your Odour problem and leave them feeling nice .

  • FUSSKRAFT® MINT Cooling foot balm – mint fresh.
  • Absorbed rapidly.
  • GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT MINT makes your feet fresh and fit, before or after an active day.

It combines the revitalising icy freshness of a cooling mint lotion composed of an Asian medicinal plant oil with the gentle caring effect of a balm that is immediately absorbed.
Natural menthol, essential oils from rosemary, mountain pine and lavender refresh and strengthen tired and aching feet instantly. GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT MINT provides long-lasting protection against foot odour. Well-tried antiseptics help to prevent infections and itching between the toes.

Thinly spread the cream on your feet and legs and gently rub in. It is quickly absorbed, non-greasing, refreshes and gives you the feeling of having clean and supple feet.


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