Gehwol Foot Powder 100 g


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Special disinfectant powder. Keeps feet dry.

GEHWOL FOOTPOWDER keeps your feet dry, smooth and odourless.
The special powder with the disinfectant
GEHWOL active ingredients prevents infections.
GEHWOL FOOTPOWDER has a fresh and clean odour.
We also recommend sprinkling
GEHWOL FOOTPOWDER in your socks. 


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Effective Ingredients

Talcum, tapioca starch, zinc oxide, magnesium carbonate,silica,benzoic acid, triclosan,isoproply alcohol, eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, rosemar leaf oil, camphour, pine leaf oil, limonene


Sprinkle the powder onto feet and in stockings and shoes daily.

Effects of product

GEHWOL med Foot Powder helps keeping the feet dry by absorbing sweat. The high quality ingredients like tapioca starch, micronized zinc oxide, triclosan, and Bisabolol prevent foot odors and sweaty feet, provide a smooth, pleasant skin sensation and has antiseptic properties. Bisabolol, the active ingredient in chamomile, promotes healing and has a positive effect on damaged and tired skin while triclosan deodorizes and clotrimazole helps to protect against fungal infections.

The product is the perfect support for the treatment of fungal infections on the feet and betwee 


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