Childrens Medical Arch Support


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Indications for use: 

  • flexible flat foot 
  • Biomechanical instability of the paediatric foot  

These children's Insoles are the latest addition to the range of paediatric insoles. These can be used for foot ,heel , knee and low back pain . They are probably as close to a prescribed orthotic without having to have a a biomechanical exam.

These can be fitted straight off the shelf. They are very similar to a UCBL style orthtoics. These are a great way to treat flexible flat feet . To boost on your childs development and support in their foot structure.
They are nice and soft so developing feet of children do not get irritated . 
 With suitable sizes available for small children to small adult sizes the these unique childrens/ young adult's insoles are the ideal insole for the transitional period. The fun design has also been created with the younger audience in mind.
We use these for our younger children mainly 1 year up to 7 years of age .

Key features of the Insoles:

  • Medium density EVA orthoses easy to trim
  • Deep heel cup for stability
  • Medial arch support
  • Transitional size range - available from child sizes through to adult

Sizing of theDinky Paediatric Insoles:

If your shoe size falls in between two sizes, please select the larger size for comfort, then trim down to fit just behind the metatarsal heads.


UK Shoe Size

EU Shoe Size 

4 (Child's)



21 - 22


23 - 24


25 - 26


27 - 28



13 - 1

32 - 33 

1 - 2

33 - 34

2.5 - 3 35
3 - 4 36

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