Chiropody Toe Foam 25 Cm Long


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 CHIROPODY TOE FOAM / 25 CM LONG , Can be used for FINGERS as well ! 

  • Tubular foam dressing - 1 x 25cm tube
  • Medical polyurethane foam on a 100% cotton stockinette core
  • protect digits and tender areas from friction
  • protect digits and tender areas from pressure
  • Without overlap according to protection


Protect your toes from rubbing against footwear or hoisery , will flaten down under tights/ socks . protect corns on the topp of toes or slide over the big toe to protect your bunion deformity .

These should be removed during night time .


The air cells alllow the skin to breath , unlike the GEL toe protectors which can cause toes to become wet/macerated . 


These are the old fashioed toe protectors we have used since year dot ! 

Sometimes the new stuff isnt always the best . K

eep things simple !


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Comes in 4 sizes .

Size A  really for litlle toes , internal diameter of 15mm

Size B for middle toes , internal diameter of 18mm

Size C for middle toes , internal diameter of 21mm

Size D for Great Toes , internal diameter of 25 mm 


Unsure of size ? , Place a piece of string/ cotton around your toe and measure the length of the peice of string/cotton .

tube foam stretches slightly so you dont want too big a bit otherwise it falls off , and you dont want it too small otherwise you cant get it on ! 





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