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Balance  pods also called balance stones or stepping stones are dynamic balance tools made of soft yet durable vinyl.   Balance Pods will help you work on your balance, posture, agility and motor skills to strengthen and tone your whole body.   

Balance Pods are used for improving body awareness and stabilization. Arrange in patterns on the floor, then balance from pod to pod.

Place flat side down for less challenge or rounded side down for greater challenge. 

You can walk or jump from one pod to another with the flat side down or increase the challenge by using the rounded side down.  A simple concept that really works. 

These are great for rehabilitation after ankle injury , achillies injury , lower leg injuries , also used as an aid to help recover after lower limb surgery .

Children with sensory dissabilities will find the tactile surface a great stimulation , particularly good to try a de-sensitise sensitive feet , these pods improve proprioceptive sensations. 

Balance pods are easy to transport and a great aid at achieving balance in your life!  Fun balance training tools. 

Use either flat side up for basic training and pebble side up for more of a challenge.

  • Help's improve overall balance
  • Help's relieve stress 
  • Effective strengthening aid for ankles

Diameter: 18cm approx 


Colours vary , if you have a preference please send an email and we will do our best to accomodate .


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